The Earthy Story

Welcome to Earthy Stuff – the brainchild of environmentally friendly, vegan entrepreneur, Jessica Davanzo. With her passionate enthusiasm for promoting sustainable and cruelty-free lifestyle options, Jessica is on a mission to help make the world a greener and kinder place.

Jess is the epitome of sustainable living – a perfect example of how you don’t have to be cruel to be kind. She doesn’t just live and breathe environmentally friendly choices, but also works with them through her own promotional merchandise and corporate clothing agency.

Square Peg Promotions has a number of sustainable, vegan options amongst its varied promotional products offering. These are perfect for companies that care about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and need environmentally friendly branded merchandise that amplifies a brand whilst considering important factors such as recycling, reusability and responsible sourcing.

But it’s not just corporate companies who appreciate Jess’s range of sustainable merchandise! When clients, friends, family and associates see the product samples, they often want to buy some for themselves. And that’s how the idea for Earthy Stuff was born! Offering a chance to buy the same great promotional products that are on offer in bulk to corporates through Square Peg Promotions, but in smaller quantities perfect for individual needs.

When Jess came up with the name for Earthy Stuff, she had the idea to launch it as a platform to champion eco-friendly, cruelty-free gifts and merchandise for the general public. Not only that, but she wants to use the business as a platform to help give back to society, by using some of the proceeds to invest in positive initiatives.

Whilst the Earthy Stuff business idea was bubbling in Jess’s mind, more people were waking up to the importance of looking after the environment. In addition, veganism was becoming more popular than ever. Jess voiced her Earthy Stuff idea to a few trusted colleagues, including marketing expert, Colette Bratton. Everyone agreed it was a fantastic idea that needed to be launched!

So, in 2021, in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, Jess took the leap to bring her passion project to life. She met with brilliant designer, Sarah Adams who has been encouraging her to follow her dreams, and suddenly a brand was created!

Earthy Stuff strives to not only offer great products, but to connect and celebrate independent ethical, cruelty free brands. It can give back to sustainable charities, start to spread kindness and help to create a positive impact on the world around us.

So, watch this space! Earthy Stuff‘s journey is only just beginning….

Jessica Davanzo